Thursday, December 22, 2011

Dear Santa

I have a few things I need to ask you to take into consideration this year. Most of the requests on this list as you will see, will benefit more than just me. I know you're not God, but see what you can do.

1. Run over Justin Beiber and whoever came up with the Christmas Lexus commercials with your sleigh.
2. Clean out my garage so I can make it a dedicated CrossFit gym, heat and air conditioning would be nice.
3. Ban Mariah Carey's 'All I Want For Christmas Is You' from the airwaves.
4. Give BrandX and Recon Ron an extra special present this year.
5. A bottle of Patron... or two.
6. Keep my kids in bed until 6:00am on Christmas morning.
7. Help me to like Burpees.
8. More bumper plates.
9. C2 Rower
10. Make bread paleo friendly.
11. Bury Bill O'Reilly in a snowbank until next Christmas.
12. One muscle up. Just one.
13. A stable housing market and jail time for crooked politicians.

Much appreciated,

Chocolate Biscotti baking day for me today since I was pigheaded with my cleans yesterday. Not that I can't do 65#, but doing 45 of them was probably a bit much for my shoulder. Live, learn and BenGay.

*breakfast - muffin w/almond butter. Lunch - hummus, turkey, beef jerky, almonds. Dinner - sauteed shrimp w/veggies. 
kb squats - 20#
good mornings - 45#
tuck jumps

CFSB3 w4/d2
Shoulder Press
deload: 5x35, 45, 55#

21-15-9 reps for time of:
95 pound Clean - 65#
Sit-up - anchored
Women 65

*Notes - did the sit ups anchored since the original wod was for ghd sit ups, increased speed when anchored. Also increased pukieness. Had to give myself a few seconds before the cleans to get over the dizzies. Couldn't do cleans unbroken, felt good though, no shoulder pain during. Next day soreness. Biceps a bit fried too. Haven't done that many cleans in a while at that weight.

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