Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The in-between week

Ahh, the in-between week. All the preparation, stress and over indulgence of food and drink of the Christmas season is over already. Just like that. Now comes the few days between Christmas and the New Year where you kinda feel like you're still on vacation, still eating the few remaining holiday cookies, traffic is still a mess, the stores are still crowded which makes the normal every day shopping even more annoying and motivation to exercise has come to a screeching eh. I've been good, not great but good about not letting myself fall into the black hole of the holidays where you feel like you've lost a week of your life and did nothing productive except for finishing the leftovers. I haven't kept to my regular schedule but I haven't taken any more than one rest day in a row.

Christmas was nice. Spent Christmas Eve with the inlaws, had way too much ham, keilbasa and indulged in pasta, dairy and sugar. I knew going in it would make for a long night but I was willing to take one for the team. Christmas day dinner was filet with sauteed mushrooms, bacon and brussle sprout side. Amazing what a nice lean non carb dinner can do for you. I was able to PR on my front squats the next day. By 10lbs. Haven't done heavy front squats in a long time so that was a nice bonus. Got some new New Balance sneakers and exercise/comfy clothes from Bob. The sneakers are more of an every day sneaker since I will not wear my Innovates for anything other than CrossFit (I know spaz) and my Reeboks are pretty beat up since the Mudder. My only other sneakers are dead Nikes, old Pumas and Chucks. And everyone knows Chucks are not a winter shoe. Might as well be wearing news paper. Haven't owned a pair of NB's in a very long time and seemed pretty good during the box jumps today. Little more cushion for the jump. Ah, enough about sneakers.

Going to shoot for new 1RMs this week since I'm done with month 3 of the 5-3-1 program. Need to see where I'm at. I'm assuming my back squat and bench press went up by at least 10. Shoulder press and dead lifts probably will stay the same. Maybe I'll increase by 5 on the DL if I'm lucky. Anything is progress at this point. I'm hoping with Bob home the next few days he'll get my ass going on the metcons. I think I did OK today, came in just shy of 4 rounds. Seemed like the top guys got between 5-7 at 20 minutes. I only did 15. But I was able to manage 42 out of 45 unassisted pull ups. Used the blue band for 3 and took it off. Wanted to suffer thru it and see how I could do. Happy with what I was able to accomplish today. Pull ups were always one of my weakest. Still need to get my mojo back to push thru and stop overthinking how much of a breather I need between reps. Tough to get back once you've been taking it easy. Hopefully the CF Games marathon will inspire me. I think that's on ESPN New Years day.

Friday (12/23)
kb squats
kb swings
good mornings

CFSB3 w4/d2
deload: 5x85, 105, 125#

Recon Ron
Step 8/7: 5-4-3-2-2Saturday

Saturday (12/24)
*breakfast - bacon, eggs w/meat, broccoli. Lunch/Dinner - meatballs and smoked salmon apps, ham, keilbasa, pasta, brussle sprouts, stuffed cabbage, cookies, biscotti. Rest Day
Recon Ron
Step 8/8: 5-4-3-2-2

Sunday (12/25)
*breakfast-oatmeal. No lunch. Dinner - filet w/shrooms, brussle sprouts.
kb squats - 20#
kb swings
ohs - broomstick
good mornings - 45#

CFSB3 w4/d4
Bench Press
deload: 5x35, 40, 50#

2x10 55# bench press
2x10 tricep pull downs - blue band
2x15 ab roll outs
*notes - felt strong. must have been all the carbs night before.

Monday (12/26)
*breakfast - eggs. Lunch -?, Dinner - salmon salad
jump rope
kb squats
2x55, 85, 105# front squats

Front Squats
115, 125, 135, 140, 145, 150#(PR)

Recon Ron
Step 8/9: 5-4-3-2-2

Last 2rm for front squats was 140#.

Tuesday (12/27)
Rest Day
*breakfast - muffin w/almond butter. Lunch - nothing. Snack - almonds, protein ball, pretzel rods. Dinner- spaghetti w/turkey meatballs

Wednesday (12/28)
*no breakfast. Lunch-Protein ball, hummus, turkey, swiss. Dinner - pork w/mango chutney, broccoli rabe
kb swings

Complete as many rounds as possible in 12-15minutes of: 15
18 Box jumps, 12-15” box - 15”
15 Toes to bar
12 Pull-ups

3 rounds + 18 + 15 + 9 pull ups
*All but 3 pull ups unassisted.

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