Thursday, December 1, 2011

Phew... that was a long week

Here I am. I made it thru a long week filled with too much food and alcohol (2 1/2 bottles of Patron, coffee flavored vodka, wine and bloody marys), little sleep, visiting parents, dogs, family stomach virus and turning 40. Not even sure where to begin but I'll make it short. Thanksgiving dinner was awesome as usual and I didn't completely lose control on the deserts. One piece of pumpkin pie and a few pieces of homemade chocolate candy brittle. Come on who could pass that up.

Saturday morning about 3am my daughter threw up all over her bed. Fucking fabulous. What a way to start the day. That continued for the rest of the day but thanks to the generosity of my parents, they told us to keep our plans for my 40th birthday. So we stayed overnight at a great little hotel in Phila. We had a wine sampling, a fantastic dinner, veal stuffed with proscuitto and moz, and biscotti and coffee for desert. Sunday morning we ran up to the Phila Art Museum which was about 2.5 miles, ran the steps.... 3 times for me, about 6 for Bob, then did 10 burpees and back 2.5 to the hotel. It was a beautiful morning. From the top of the steps you could see down to city hall, the sun was coming up behind it, there were 3 people and no traffic. Couldn't ask for a better day.... it could have been a tad warmer for me, but for those of you who do run, it was a perfectly cool 50-55 degrees.

Then the magic began. My son got sick that morning and we were home about 2 hours before I fell ill. I was in bed from 1pm Sunday until 7am Monday. It was a horrible day even though I don't remember much of it. I do know this, I will probably never eat a soft boiled egg again. Shudder. Both Bob and my mom were sick the next 2 days. What a nightmare. But anyway happy to report everyone is feeling good... or maybe I should just keep my mouth shut so I don't jinx us.

I did keep up my workout schedule for the most part. Obviously the virus kept me down 2 days but I'm proud I stuck with it last week. My eating was ok, too many carbs and grains and I can feel the difference. I just feel shitty. Well, felt. Yesterday was detox day, turkey, hummus, grilled salmon salad with lemon caper dressing.... back on track. Amazing how the body reacts to good food.

Oh and the best part, I got a new iPhone for my birthday. Yahoo! Mine was dying a slow death so this was a timely replacement. And Siri is terrific. Used her this morning as a matter of fact. 'Hey Siri, how many feet in 200 meters?' Answered me in 2 seconds. Fantastic. Also got to talk to our tattoo artists on Saturday. Seemed like really nice guys. Got some artwork priced out. Now it's just finding the time to get down to the city and someone to watch the kids. I'm finally going to do it. I figured how bad could it hurt, shit I've had 2 kids, can't be any worse than that right? Maybe I'll ask Siri.

Just going to start with todays WOD.

10 good mornings
10 snatch
10 clean and jerk
10 sdhp

CFSB3 w1/d2
Shoulder Press
warmup: 5x35, 45, 55#
work: 5x60, 65, 75#(5)
last set max reps

Complete as many rounds in fifteen minutes of:
15 foot Rope climb, 2 ascents
20 Wall ball shots, 14 pound ball - 12#
Run 200 meters
Women - 10

3 rounds + 2 rope climbs + 20 wall balls

*Notes - rope climbs were good, one of them I didn't make all the way up. Couldn't get a grip since my shoes were muddy and arms were tired but did better than I thought I would. Max rep @75 couldn't get past 5, had to jerk it a tiny bit to finish. Shoulder was hurting pretty bad last night, not to terrible this morning but aggravated it with the presses.

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