Monday, December 12, 2011

Welcome back motivation

If you've kept up with me this far you know I've been feeling pretty unmotivated, tired, lazy, sore etc... thank god thats over with, at least for now. Even with less sleep (thank you Dallas Cowboys) and no breakfast this morning I felt good.  Got a new PR on my back squat. My max was 1@160. Today I hit 3@160 plus one more but I may not have been completely parallel. Even my pull ups felt good. Did a little mish mash of stuff after. Bob did some dumbbell split squats last week that I wanted to try so I worked on them, did some lunges which are always a 'why did I choose to do these' exercise for me and kettlebell swings. KB swings don't come easy for me, at least done properly. I tend to squat and pull instead of using the hips and core to drive. I'm sure my legs will be crying tomorrow but it's all good. I can work thru the sore squat legs. They tend to warm up faster than the sore back, shoulder, abs, traps... basically any other part of my body.

Didn't do much CF this weekend which has been nice. I needed to take a mini break and I feel like its paying off. It was a balmy 34 degrees when I was out in the garage at 8:45am this morning but I was ready to go. Haven't been able to say that lately.

The diet hit a little bump in the road on Saturday afternoon. We met some friends at the Christmas tree farm then stopped at a great restaurant afterwards. Little tradition we started a few years ago. It's the one time around the holidays we can all get together since everyone is so busy all the time. So my 'linner' (lunch and dinner) was snapper soup, 5-6 deep fried zucchini sticks, 2 crab cakes (no bread), 2 large onion rings and a Blue Moon. Doesn't sound that terrible right? Let me tell you something, when the body hasn't had deep fried anything, ranch dressing, mayo relish and a large beer at one sitting, it doesn't respond well. I felt like the bottom of a shoe in horse shit the rest of the night. While I was eating I knew it was going to make me miserable but I justified it by saying 'I've been so good, this will be my dinner too, I'll work it off, it's a special occasion', yadda yadda yadda. When you have to justify eating something, it's probably not worth it. At least thats what I came up with after my 5th Tums.

*eggs w/broccoli, collards, beef. Crab cakes, soup, onion rings, zucchini sticks, beer linner. Cracker snacks later,
10-5 count
good mornings

CFSB3 w2/d4
Bench Press
warmup: 5x35, 40, 50#
work: 3x60, 65, 75#(5)
last set max reps

Recon Ron Pull ups
Step 8/2: 5-4-3-2-2

Random stuff
10 TTB
20 kettlebell swings
10 20# med ball cleans
10x45# front squat

*muffin w/pb breakfast, turkey, hummus, pretzels snack, chili w/brown rice dinner.Recon Ron Pull ups
Step 8/2: 5-4-3-2-2
Rest Day

*no breakfast, eggs w/chili and cheddar lunch, almonds snack, dinner will be roaster chicken and veggies.
10 good mornings
10 hpc
10 tuck jumps
10 squats
pt stretching/lacrosse ball mobility

CFSB3 w3/d1
Back Squats
warmup: 5x70, 80, 100#
work: 5x125, 3x145, 1x160#(4)PR!
last set max reps

Recon Ron Pull ups:
Step 8/3: 5-4-3-2-2

Squatastic WOD - (nft)
10x20# dumbbell lunges
20 kettlebell swings
10x20# bulgarian split squats
10x20# dumbbell lunges
20 kettlebell swings
10x20# bulgarian split squats

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