Friday, December 16, 2011

Sad day in the Chase household

I'm trying to keep my blog focused on CrossFit and health and skip a majority of my personal life but this little story I feel warranted a post. Yesterday when I went to wake up my son from his nap, I was sitting on his bed and noticed that something was missing on his dresser. "Um, Bud, where's your fish?" I waited for him to answer while I checked the bottom of my shoes. "He's right here." As he points to his bed. Great. "What do you mean he's right here, where is here Bud, on your bed?!" As panic sets in. I was expecting to see a smashed beta fish under the covers. I looked behind the pillow and there he was. "He was taking a nap with me." Bud said. Poor poor fishy. I scooped him up and low and behold he flopped when I touched him. WTF? Now, I don't know how long a fish can survive without water but he was 'napping' for at least an hour. I picked him up and threw him back in his bowl and don't you know he actually swum around? Well, at least for a few hours anyway. Sorry to report fishy passed away sometime during the night. I was shocked he lived as long as he did between the missed feedings, dirty bowls, being dropped in the sink (by me while cleaning his bowl) and being tortured by a 4 year old boy, but still, it's a sad day. Services will be held at noon in the backyard. All are welcome and donations can be made to the 'fish need water to live awareness foundation.'

On to my deadlifts. Not too bad today. Couldn't budge a second off the ground @195 but felt like I maintained good form on the one. My back will tell the tale tomorrow. I may have rounded a bit @175 but a few minutes on the pain foam usually helps with that.

*breakfast (before wod)- oatmeal w/flax, coconut, walnuts, pb, maple syrup
*lunch - don't know
*dinner - will be filet, broccoli rabe, squash

good mornings
12# med ball sit ups
20# kb squats
20# kb cleans

CFSB3 w3/d3
warmup: 5x85, 105, 125#
work: 5x155, 3x175, 1x195#(1)
last set max reps

Recon Ron
Step 8/5: 5-4-3-2-2

No metcon, shoulders sore, need to rest.

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