Monday, December 19, 2011

My tolerance for pain

I've noticed has increased as I get older. Case in point, I do CrossFit and didn't start until I was 38. This past weekend I got a tattoo. My first one. And it's a big one, on my shoulder blade. Well, not enormous but big enough for a virgin. I thought the pain was pretty tolerable for the most part and I had to laugh at myself when I was equating the pain of the tattoo as opposed to doing say... a Fran, double unders or deadlifts and running or thrusters and pushups, fill in the blank. And who the hell ever said the outline is more painful than the fill? That is so not true. When I met my artist Frank before I sat down I asked him what happens if I flinch? He said I'll fuck up your tattoo so don't flinch. OK, no flinching, check. Anyway, it looks awesome and a big thanks to Frank and Charlie at Philadelphia Eddie's for making it a pleasant experience.

Between shopping and baking (some of which were paleo cookies) and all the other stuff that comes along with Christmas I've been busy. Took an unscheduled rest day yesterday since I had a long day of shopping ahead of me. And those of you with little kids know the worse time for shopping is anywhere near lunch or nap time. The last thing I needed was to be dragging my 4 year old by his belt loops out of a store screaming so I had to make an early start. Besides, my shoulders have been bothering me pretty bad so the extra rest day was needed. I think between the stress and the white knuckle grip I had on the chair during my tattoo and bench presses on Sunday, they just did me in.

My plan this week was to do deload on the strength and go hard on the metcons but I'm thinking now that I'm just going to keep my own pace this week and just do what I can when I can instead of stressing myself out trying to keep a strict WOD schedule. I know, but hey, I'm not using the holidays as an excuse not to do anything, I'm just not doing as much as I would. Thats gotta count for something. As long as my diet can stay in check, which it has with the exception of a few butter/sugar/fattening/high calorie homemade christmas cookies. Oh and I even passed up the opportunity to have a Jim's steak in Philly on Saturday. If anyone has had one or a REAL Philly steak... from Philly people, not an imitation, you know it's hard to pass up, especially since it was right across the street from the tattoo place. Sigh. Instead of dreams of sugarplums and candycanes I'll be dreaming of gooey cheesey oniony delicious steak sandwiches for christmas.

Rest Day
Recon Ron
Step 8/5: 5-4-3-2-2

kettlbell squats - 20#
kettlebell swings
kettlebell cleans
good morings
med ball sit ups - 12#

CFSB3 w3/d4
Bench Press
warmup: 5x30, 40, 50#
work: 5c60, 3x70, 1x80#(3)
last set max reps

Recon Ron
Step 8/6: 5-4-3-2-2

2x10 tricep pull downs (blue band)
2x15 curl grip barbell rows - 65#
2x10 ab roll outs

Rest Day

*breakfast - oatmeal w/flax, coconut, bananas
kb squats - 20#
good mornings
chair dips

CFSB3 w4/d1
Back Squat
deload: 5x70, 85, 100#

Front Squats
2x10 @60% - 75#

Recon Ron
Step 8/6: 5-4-3-2-2

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