Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pull up progress

So this is about the 6th or 7th (I think) WOD I've done without using the assistance bands for the pull ups. They are still slow and I still need to rest every 4-5, sometimes every other 1, depending on the day/wod/mood/energy/interruptions, but unassisted none the less. I'm not sure if I'm helping or hurting my metcon intensity by struggling thru them unassisted but the more practice I get without the bands the better  I'll be in the long run right? I actually put the band on once for a few during a wod a few weeks ago and felt like I was cheating. I'm guessing as long as I can keep a steady pace with the intensity and limit my rest, I'm fine. At this point I think I can handle about 5-10 a round, but if it's something like a consecutive 20-35... I'll give into the band. At least the sense of dread is slowly passing when I see the word pull up. Thats gotta count for something. My front squats felt great. 65# was probably too light since I didn't have to pause at all during them. (thank you strength program) Straight up and down each round. Had I used the band for the pull ups I probably would have actually come close to 4-5 min.

Still feeling shitty. Yesterday was a nice rest day and I thought I was turing the corner on the head cold but I had a horrible nights sleep and ended up mouth breathing all night due to the stuffy nose which lead to a dry scratchy throat. I went into my workout today thinking I would just do strength stuff and call it a day but felt good afterward so continued on with the WOD. Glad I did. It's so easy to give in to 'eh I'm not feeling up to it today' and I already had one of those days on Monday.

I'll have to practice the chair squatting video BrandX uses for the kids to make sure the hips are getting back where they should be. I don't think I have an issue with the knees coming forward since Bob usually watches me during Sundays front squats and he always points out errors in form if I'm really off. My fault seems to be knees tracking inward which I'm working on. It's always something.

*brunch - eggs w/leftover meatloaf, tomatoes and collards. dinner - marinated flank steak fajitas w/peppers, onions, guacamole and lettuce wraps
Rest Day

*breakfast - oatmeal w/bananas, almonds and pb. lunch - ?? dinner - will be roaster chicken and a veggie

Back Squat
warmup: 5x45, 3x85
work: 3x110, 125, 140#

Seven rounds for time of:
95-115 pound Front squat, 7 reps - 65#
7 Chest-to-bar pull-ups

*all pull ups unassisted. got most to chest. didn't have to chicken neck it. 

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