Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Still sick

Haven't posted in a few days since I've been sick. Just can't quite beat this thing. I was up until 2am last night with dry coughing fits. I watched some of Robin Hood hoping it would put me to sleep, which it did but not for long. I'm so over this cold already. I have been pushing thru my strength stuff the past few days. Luckily for me I had 3 rest days inbetween. I definitely feel like I'm getting a little better each day but last night set me back. No sleep sucks. I love my couch, but sleeping on it all night sucks as well. Hopefully a little Lunesta will do the trick tonight to ensure I don't wake up until at least 6am.

I think I found my 'weight gain' issue. Too many grains and or gluten. I've always eaten them in moderation but realized I've been eating more than usual lately. I was doing some research on GI disorders since this is more than just 'too many snacks' for me. I've always eaten the occasional spaghetti and meatball or pizza dinner here and there and I've been eating pretzels and english muffins occasionally over the past year and a half. Nothing much has changed, so to gain 3lbs suddenly wasn't sitting well with me. And if you read my post last week, I was kidding when I said maybe I'm gaining muscle. We all know that's a myth. So anyway upon doing my research, I found that it's really easy to fit yourself into these horrifying diseases and disorders. A seemingly normal healthy person would think they either had Cirrhosis of the liver or stomach cancer after 5 minutes of GI research. I did however learn that most of my symptoms have everything to do with acid reflux (which I've had before) and a very mild intolerance to the extra gluten. Looking back at my past few weeks worth of food, I've eaten too many grains. More than normal. Maybe my body just couldn't process all the extra? Don't really know but a side effects are abdominal bloating, muscle cramps, mouth ulcers etc, all of which I've had. So with that, I'll cut back and see where I am in a few days. I'm just happy it has nothing to do with bacon.


warmup: 5x85, 3x115
work: 3x135, 155, 170#
high rep @ 105# - 15-12-9

*eggs w/broccoli. dinner - beef stroganoff 
Rest day

*breakfast - oatmeal w/coconut, flax, walnuts, almond butter. dinner - bacon and eggs
Rest day

kb swings

Front Squat
warmup: 5x45, 3x85
work: 3x105, 115, 125#
high rep back squat @85# 21-15-9

Recon Ron
Step 9/7: 5-4-3-3-3

handstand hold 20 sec
cleans @ 65, 75, 85

*IF - snack - granola bar. dinner - grilled pork tenderloin w/mango chutney, sweet potatoes, broccoli rabe

Shoulder Press
warmup: 5x16.5, 3x45
work: 3x60, 65, 75
high rep @ 40# - 21-15-9 (failed @ 21-13)

Clean and Jerk 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps
All 65#

*breakfast - eggs w/meat, collards. lunch - yogurt w/honey. dinner - salmon salad w/lemon and capers.
Rest Day

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