Sunday, January 22, 2012


I'm calling this post Tabatadoms since Tabata and DOMS go hand in hand. It probably wasn't one of my better decisions to do tabata squats the day before a front squat strength day. I don't think it hindered my performance per se, it just didn't feel very good. And if I can't get down the steps tomorrow morning, I'll have learned my lesson. 90+ squats + 160 seconds = ouch. Really, 20 seconds on 10 seconds off. Torture. And to think I chose the tabata exercise over the row, thruster, pull up since I couldn't bare to do 200 SDHPs and thrusters in one wod. My shoulder would be sore for a week and I can't have that.

Watched Contagion the other night and then went to a kids birthday party at a bouncy fun house. All I could think of was don't touch my face, don't touch my face, wash hands, wash hands. I would have liked to had the kids wear masks and latex gloves but I was afraid the paparazzi would think the Jacksons were there and I didn't want to take away any attention from the birthday boy.

*breakfast - oatmeal w/pb and walnuts. lunch - eggs w/chicken, brussel sprout leaves, mushrooms, salsa and left over mashed sweet potatoes. snack - pretzel rod w/almond butter. dinner - whole grain sketti w/turkey meatballs and homemade sauce.

warmup: 5x45, 3x95#
work: 3x125, 145, 165#
high rep @ 105@: 12-9-6

5 rounds
10 box jumps - 18”
5 power cleans - 75#

*notes - cleans felt good. Haven't done 75 in a metcon since my shoulder injury. Will try to up the weight by 5 next time. Try 1RM sometime soon to see where I'm at. DL's felt awesome. Back is a little tweaky.. not sure if I rounded or it's due to bad nights sleep. Felt weird pain in left palm again on the cleans. Not as bad, but there. Have to check into that. 

*breakfast/lunch - beef w/red peppers, kale, mushrooms, salsa. dinner - eggs w/kale, turkey
Rest Day

*breakfast - oatmeal w/flax, pb, walnuts. lunch - pizza. dinner - chicken marsala, roasted brussel sprouts and carrots

“Tabata This!”
Tabata Row - sub SDHP @45# - 7
Rest 1 minute
Tabata Squat - 11
Rest 1 minute
Tabata Pull-up - 3
Rest 1 minute
Tabata Push-up - 7
Rest 1 minute
Tabata Sit-up - 9
Total = 37

Compare to 101011: 44 (puppy 4 rounds, w/assisted pull ups)
*notes - push ups suck once again. pullups were unassisted. sdhps hard, should practice more often @45. little sleep and mexican water may have had an effect. 

*breakfast - fried eggs w/turkey sausage. lunch - pretzels w/hummus, almonds. dinner - pizza w/peppers, onions and chicken sausage, homemade sauce


Front Squat
warmup: 5x45, 3x85
work: 3x100, 110, 120#
high rep back squat @ 85# - 15-12-9

wallball - 12#
db swings - 35#

Food Tip: Eat brussel sprouts and have big leaves left over after cutting them in half? Save them and use them in eggs as your green. Chop up and cook just like spinach or collard greens. 

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