Monday, January 9, 2012

So I got my strength bias stuff worked out...

all explained and written down. It's the 'you do high reps this day, this day and do 10 minute metcons this day and 20 minutes this day and you do 15-20 reps then 12-9-6' stuff that was confusing to me. But thanks to a plan ole pencil and paper chart, I'm set. Did my shoulder presses today, not bad considering I don't like them too much. The high rep stuff is going to be the tough part. You would think 40 pounds is light, I'm sure for most it is, but doing 20 reps was a challenge. The first 10 or so I thought 'eh, not so bad'. The next 10 were 'just. eek. out. 3. more'. Looking forward to a rest day tomorrow. I need it. Body is a little sore and over worked. But a good over worked though. I've had some decent workouts and felt good, even... dare I say, motivated, so a little soreness is welcomed.

Day number one of the teacher strike at my daughter's school. They are supposed to be out at least 2 weeks. 2 weeks! I love my kids but when they are home together, it's chaos. My son and I have a routine and we're good about doing our own thing at certain parts of the day. He knows I exercise and 99% of the time he leaves me alone until I'm done. My daughter on the other hand lobs questions and requests at me like "can you brush barbie's hair and put her new dress on?" while I'm in the middle of an over head squat.

I also noticed something else this past week. I was planning on trying the 21 day sugar detox. So when I went food shopping I tried to buy some different snacks and foods to keep me on track. I cut out the creamer in my coffee, gave up my sliver of dark chocolate that I have once a day, didn't eat almond butter etc. And you know what I realized, the stress of figuring out what I can and can't eat, made me gain weight. No lie. I was up like 3-3.5 pounds for a few days. Now that I've stopped and realized that my diet is pretty good and I'm back to my regular eating habits, I'm back down in weight to where I was before I started. Weird. Psychological? Coincidence? Water weight? Who knows but I think I'll just stick to what I know. I'm not saying don't try it or it doesn't work because I believe it's a good thing, it just didn't work for me that particular time. I may have to give it another go at some point.

A few days worth of workouts to post.

*breakfast - eggs w/beef and collards. lunch - ?? dinner - chicken sausage, shrimp and collards. 
good mornings
squats w/25# plate
ohs - 16.5#

Front Squat 1RM test
warmup: 5x45, 75, 3x105#
work: 125, 140, 150, 155(F)

High Rep Back Squat @ 50% 1RM

power cleans - 45#
sit ups - unanchored

*breakfast - bacon and eggs. lunch - ?? dinner - greek tacos
kb swings
good mornings

Ten rounds for time of:
75-95 pound Deadlift, 10 reps - 75#
10 push-ups

*breakfast - muffin w/almond butter. lunch - yogurt w/blueberries, almonds, turkey, hummus. dinner - tilapia w/sauteed veggies
kb squats
kb swings
jump rope
5x16.5 shoulder press

Shoulder Press - (75% of 80#)
work: 3x45,50,60#
high rep (50% of 80#) - 20x40#
*shoot for 15-20 on high rep

2x15 incline dumbbell press - 15#
2x10 tricep pull downs - blue band
2x15 ab roll outs

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