Friday, May 11, 2012

Sometimes math is hard

Math has always been one of my strong subjects but yesterday, I forgot how to count by 10s for a few seconds. But due to that minor brain fart, I was able to trick my body into pulling more weight that I should have. I love deadlifts, most of the time, but now that I'm getting close to 200 in the SB program, they seriously suck. I was dreading lifting 5@185. Not that I couldn't do it, I have, but I also know it's going to hurt. My sets should have been 165, 175, 185. After my 165 I unknowingly loaded to 185. I guess I'm not used to using all the big plates yet. HA! When I did my first two I thought, oh shit, this feels effin heavy for 175. After I put it down and went to change plates again I realized it was 185 and it wasn't that bad! Yahoo. Funny how the mind can trick your body into thinking it can't do something. I guess sometimes the body ends up being the stronger muscle. So I ended with 5@190 which is a new high for me. I'm pretty sure my highest at 190 was 3 rep. Good day even though my back is paying the price today. Luckily for me it's a rest day.

Off to get some cleaning done and run some errands.

breakfast - oatmeal
lunch - turkey, almonds
dinner - pork tenderloin w/mango avocado lime salsa, roasted mushrooms, sprouts, broccoli

renegade rows w/15# dumbbells
good mornings
kb swings

CFSB Deadlift C1/W16
warm: 3x115, 135#
work: 5x165, 5x185, 5x190#(PR)
high rep @115 (21-15-9)

10 manmakers w/15# dumbbells
hspu (to plate) 2/4*
*most consecutive full rom to date (lack of practice on my part)

Rest Day
breakfast - eggs w/shredded cabbage, broccoli and bacon
lunch - no
dinner - chicken stir fry w/broccoli, mushrooms and cauliflower 'rice'

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  1. Yes,I agree with you that math is hard sometime but this is not the way by which we see things.If you are not good in something,you have to try for it.Maths requires practice.Practice is the only key of perfection in Mathematics.