Wednesday, September 5, 2012

First day of school

Yahooooo! Errr, I mean, boo hoo.

H was very excited to start second grade today. I suspect the main reason was only to wear her new clothes and shoes.

So Bob has his third Tough Mudder this weekend in MD. I didn't sign up this time and God dammit the weather is going to be perfect... 80 degrees, humid... if there was any Mudder I should be doing, it's this one. In the past it was the cold that beat me up the most. Well, it will be fun to spectate and stay dry for once. I'm not sure if the kids are excited as we are but I have a feeling once they see the potential muddy fun, they'll be fine. If they are recovered from their trip to Hershey. We are surprising them on Saturday with a trip to Hershey Park. My only goal is to not eat my weight in chocolate. Not holding out much hope.

Tested out a new cracker recipe today. I love me some crackers. The only problem was I didn't realize my beloved hummus was gone. Hey, I love hummus, I don't care if it's not paleo. It's awesome. And honestly, there are worst things in the world than garbonzo beans, garlic and tahini. Oh and I was finally able to make zucchini noodles last night with my new julienne peeler. I also roasted some chicken legs, shredded them and added some fresh pesto.

Taking a much needed rest day today... obviously. Body is a bit sore from the past few wods and the shoulders are not feeling great. I haven't had the Kinesio tape on for 4 days now. Testing it out to see if it does actually work. Due to the pain in my shoulder right now, I'm guessing it does. Yesterday I pr'd my back squat 1@190. I almost got 195, got down, but not far enough. Had I gone parallel, I wouldn't have gotten back up, I'm pretty certain of that. Hopefully at this rate I should be at 200 by next month... how awesome am I. Ha.

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