Thursday, September 27, 2012

I'm back

Having a cold sucks. Not because just having a cold sucks, but because I hate missing workout days. I get all out of whack and feel even crappier when I miss consecutive days. I did need the rest though. Shame my shoulder didn't take advantage of the time off, it's still screaming at me. Not sure what I did last week to aggravate it so much but it hates me right now. And no, that didn't stop me from doing anything today. Probably stupid on my part, but a week off is enough. Sunday I did go for a 2 mile walk and yesterday (wednesday) I went for a 3-4 mile bike ride with my daughter. So technically I haven't been sitting on my ass for a week, I just haven't lifted anything other than my kids, a coffee cup and my book in 7 days.

As you can imagine, even though I was ready to get back into it today, everything felt heavy. 10 minutes of clean and jerks felt great after the first 5 or so. Then it was on to 12 minutes of 100 double unders, 7 deadlifts and 25 burpees. Eek. I thought for sure I wouldn't even be able to get thru the double unders but I managed them in 3 minutes. May sound horrible to some people but for me, that is a friggen record. The amrap was the deadlifts and burpees in whatever time was left after your double unders. I managed 2 rounds plus a few deads. Not too bad considering I haven't done deadlifts in months. Let alone semi heavy at 165# in a metcon. My burpees didn't feel too bad, I don't know but the more I do Outlaw's programming the more burpees seem like a rest period. Didn't think I would ever hear myself say that. Ever.

Oh and I just have to say hats off to Rudy, he is doing a phenomenal job over there at Outlaw between coaching his athletes, running his business, taking on this whole 'games' program and designing his own lifting shoes! Come on. They are the shit and I want a pair asap! He's a great coach and I've gained more strength over the past 4-5 months than I have in the past year. Not dissing mainsite or BrandX at all, they got me started and made it possible for me to even do Outlaw's programming. I just love the oly strength and metcon programming.

Anyway I tried to make spiced pumpkin coconut milk pancakes (since I had leftovers) the other day but they came out like shit. Had I known better I would have thrown the batter into a cupcake mold and baked them. I have a feeling they would have came out great... which I may in fact do today. Hmmm, if they work out, I'll post a recipe in a few days. And I even may try to remember to remind myself to take a picture. If I don't forget. ha.

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