Thursday, September 13, 2012


Alright Sears. You called me at 6:30am to tell me my dryer would be here between 9-11. Umm. Yeah. Why didn't you just call and say hey, we'll be there sometime on Thursday because really, it means the same thing.

Wow today's wod was an arm and shoulder killer. HSPU, kb snatches, presses and romanian deadlifts. I was actually able to get up for the hspu's today with no pain in the shoulders so I was happy with that. My ROM for the hspu's was a bit shaky but I got some good ones. The dumbbell snatches are the killer for me. 75 each arm @ 30lbs. Ugh. Hate them. Actually, my right arm likes them, my left arm doesn't. All I could think of was Popeye while I was doing them. Yeah, my mind was wandering today. So needless to say after all those snatches my arms and shoulders were smoked, I could barely get 65 off my back for the presses let alone in snatch grip position. Had to lower that to 60. Still a struggle today. Shoulders were not happy. Romanian deadlifts were ok. My forearms and grip failed before anything else. I literally had to peel my left hand fingers off the bar. They tightened up so bad it was like I had no control over them for a second. Weird. I'm pretty sure that shouldn't happen but it's all good now.

In my love of all things fermented and cabbage I've moved on to the next logical step. Kimchi. It is delicious, and holy hell is it spicy, even the mild version. It does have sugar in it. Not much, less than 1g, but still, if you're avoiding sugars, look for another maker. I bought Kings since it was the only one I've seen in our local grocery store. I'm sure the natural food store or a Whole Foods would have more of a selection. I've seen a few recipes to make it but it sounds like a real pain in the ass so I'll put up with the minimal sugar content for now. It's a great side dish if you're looking for something different for lunch. Speaking of, I just chowed down on turkey, hummus, sliced cucumbers on gluten free light tapioca bread and my side of Kimchi. Yum. I know, sugar, carbs AND hummus, bad paleocitizen. Oh well. I'm sure not going to lose any sleep over it.

Off to go pick up my little dude from school then make some chocolate chip cookies... paleo friendly of course.

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