Friday, September 7, 2012

just keep swimming just keep swimming

It's nice to see some people still have a sense of humor. On my <cough cough> weekly visit to pick up tequila I was in line paying for my item when I told the guy, 'eh, I don't need a bag'. To which he replied, 'straw'? Nice one. I didn't think I looked any more out of control and in need of a drink than I normally do, but I guess being that he works at a liquor store, he would know.

Made the most of my kid free few hours this am although, wish I could have actually relaxed but as any mom... or dad I guess, will tell you, it's fucking awesome to go food shopping alone. It's the little things.

Had a nice little lunch (pic came out shitty) of sliced roast beef with spicy mustard and greek yogurt dipping sauce, kalamata olives and a salad with avocados and tomatoes. Then I finished it off with some sliced Honey crisp apples and almond butter. Yum. Thanks Lynne for the honey crisp apple reminder. They are definitely the best apples out there.

No wod for me. All ktaped up and taking a few rest days to heal the shoulder. Not that I'll be laying around, but no lifting for me. Need a break thats for sure.

Gotta keep moving, cleaning and packing to do and preparing some normal food for us to munch on while away. Can't rely on the hotel breakfast and lord knows what the local downtown Baltimore restaurants will have to offer. No, I didn't do my research yet but I will. Please lord watch over me and keep me away from the fast food delishousness. (is that a word?)

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