Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I just have to throw this out there...

There was just a piece on the Today Show about arsenic in rice products and speaking on behalf of the FDA (who is basically does nothing) was Commissioner Margaret Hamburg. The FDA said they tested rice products are found the high levels but they're not ready to do anything about it yet so keep on eating rice folks. Almost a direct quote. Yeah, that seems about right, like I said, they do nothing. Ok, so being the conspiracy theorist that I am I decided to do a little research on Mrs. Hamburg. It literally took me 5 seconds to find out there is a tie from her to Monsanto AND big pharma. Not only is she heavily invested in pharmaceutical companies, she's a director of a medical equipment and vaccine supplier. Her advisor on, get this, food safety is a former VP of Public Policy at Monsanto. If you don't know anything about Monsanto, and I can't believe any long time Crossfitter wouldn't know about them, do the research. Watch the documentaries. It is horrifying what they get away with. A connection certainly doesn't surprise me, in fact I was betting on it and I'm sure it goes a lot deeper than a casual internet surfer like myself may find.

So why the negativity this early in the morning? I'm growing more and more suspicious of... everyone. Everyone has an agenda. EVERYONE. Do I believe in all the information I find on conspiracy web sites and the like? No. I'm not a fool. But I do believe there is some truth wrapped up in the information and I whole heartily believe any representative of big corp is going to sway the opinion toward the money instead of what is actually healthy for humans to consume. Do some research. Take the red pill. Get out of the Matrix.

Well now that I got that out of my system and got my butt beat in today's wod, I feel better. 50 pound kettlebell swings? No. I practiced a few, heavy as hell and needless to say awkward. I have to use a dumbbell, and swinging two 25 pound old iron plates between my legs just does not work when you're on the short side of 5'4". I look like I'm giving birth I have to squat so wide. Gah, guess I better bite the bullet and buy a proper kettlebell. Unfortunately I did not see the 1:1 ratio rest after each round. That would have helped I think. I had to lower the kb swings to 40# in order to keep a good pace. Oh well. Back squats felt great. Legs felt really strong today. The weight was medium 65-80%, but the volume was a bit more than usual. I'm sure I'll feel that tomorrow morning.

Nothing new on the recipe front. Probably having leftover chili tonight since Bob won't be home for dinner. Need to buckle down again on my diet. I'm not sure what has been bugging my system lately so it's trial and error time again. I fasted the other day and felt amazing. Yesterday I had my usual grub, tuna, turkey, almonds, gluten free pretzels and hummus, raisins, garbage stir fry with shrimp and chicken and about 7 mini semi sweet chocolate chips. Yeah, I know but I will not give up my chocolate. Anyway, something of that group bothered me and I have a feeling it may be the hummus and/or the pretzels. The pretzels are gluten free, but they contain rice products and a bit of other processed stuff including a bit of sugar. Please god no. I love my hummus and pretzels. So, I'll skip them today and see if there is a difference. In a way I hope not, but I also need to find out sooner rather than later.

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