Thursday, September 6, 2012

Run forrest run!

I really don't like running anymore. Well, today wasn't so bad, it was only a mile and I came in under 9 minutes. That is a record for me. I'm slow. Really slow. And I have no real desire to improve on that. There I said it. Feels good to get that off my chest.

So my little man started his first day of pre school today. He was so excited.
Hopefully tomorrow will bring the same enthusiasm.

I am in love with my new julienne peeler. This morning I shredded up some more zucchini noodles and sauteed them in coconut oil for about 3 minutes, reheated my leftover pulled pork and made fried some eggs. Fabulous.

Dinner tonight is going to be pizza. Gluten free of course with green peppers, onions and sliced home grown tomatoes. I just don't feel like making anything more involved than that.

Full report on the long weekends travels and Mudder next week.

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