Friday, July 20, 2012

fighting lulls and sore traps

I've been trying to keep the kids as busy as possible to avoid the 'fighting lulls'. Yes, it may be an oxymoron but those of you with little kids know any time there is a lull in activity, boredom sets in pretty quickly and then the fighting begins. "It's my turn with... he won't move over, I was here first, he ate the last piece of gum" etc... so to avoid that as much as possible we've been on the go. To the library, to the park, out in the pool, playing in the rain... keeping my daughter in the garage with me while doing my workout. I love that she is still very interested in crossfit. Granted she cheats her moves and counts if I'm not watching like a hawk but at least she's out there doing something and likes it. Thats about all I can ask for from a 6 year old.

Yesterdays wod was tough on the traps and shoulders with the push presses into the overhead lunges then pull ups, so it made todays snatch workout a little harder than it should have been. Oh well. It was nice to run in the rain though. Couldn't go all out (not that I'm a fast runner anyway) but it was rather sloppy out there by the third round. And my daughter hung in there with me (on her bike) even in the rain.

Not sure what's on the menu tonight. May go with tuna steaks and orange avocado salsa and roasted acorn squash. Last night I made flank steak with fried eggs and cabbage. Awesome combo if you get a chance. I always use this recipe for the meat since it's easy as hell, I usually always have all the ingredients on hand and tastes pretty good. I did not add the coffee but if you can, you should. It adds such a great flavor.

Friday (7/20)
Outlaw Crossfit
15 minutes to establish a 1RM Snatch Balance + 2 OHS.
45(2) - 55(2) - 60(2) - 65 - 70(2) - 75#

5 rounds for total time of:
Run 200m
7 Hang Snatches (full squat) 135/95# - 55#
*Rest 1 minute after each round.
15:08 (without rest)

Thursday (7/19)
Outlaw Crossfit
7X1 3-Stop Snatch Pull + Hi-Hang Snatch (full squat) – heavy but perfect, rest 60 sec.

5 rounds for time of:
9 Push Press 115/75# - 65#
12 OH Lunges 115/75#
15 Pullups
Notes: Lunges are in place and may be any combination of 6 left & 6 right.

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