Friday, July 27, 2012

Pork and front squats

The slow cooker pork was a winner. Very rich and satisfying. But... there's always a but, next time I would buy real ginger root. I used jarred stuff, which is usually great and good to have on hand, but I think this recipe would have worked better with the fresh stuff. It didn't have that ginger punch I was hoping for. Otherwise it was a great slow cooker recipe.

Nothing fancy on the menu last night, in fact it's a 'this is all I have in the house before I go food shopping tomorrow' dinner. Modified and clean chicken picata (since it calls for regular flour), sauted cabbage in bacon fat and garlic ginger roasted carrots. Tonight it's looking to be spicy shrimp, sausage and collards. Nothing to fancy, Bob has a garbage disposal to fix. It's always something.

Workout was tough yesterday, felt slow and everything felt really heavy. On paper it looked tough enough considering the front squats were almost bodyweight for me and the kettlebell swings were supposed to be 50#. Yeah, no. I lowered that to 40# and that was enough. I did manage the 120# front squats even though some were a little lame, not far enough down or ending up with too much weight on my toes, which I usually never do. My calves were tightening up between the kb swings and the run... not sure what's up with that. One thing is for sure, I'm paying for it today. I'm walking like I've been riding a horse for 2 days and am having a hard time sitting on the pot. Eh, nothing I haven't dealt with before so time to move on and take the rest day today. Normally sore legs wouldn't necessarily stop me since I've learned that 90% of the time they feel better once warmed up but I had too much on the plate today to get finished while the kids were at camp for the morning. Now it's lunch, pool, chill and finishing off the night with a little or a lot of mexican water.

Thursday (7/26)
Outlaw Crossfit
EMOM for 7 minutes:
2 Back Squats @ 90% - 165#

3 rounds for time of:
7 Front Squats 185/120#
21 KB Swings 32/24kg - 40#
Run 400m

Wednesday (7/25)
1.5 mile easy jog/walk
*needed another day to rest the sore shoulder

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