Tuesday, July 24, 2012

shit, where did I leave off?

Hmm, weekend was good. The Chase family got to spend some time at a gymnastics gym on Sunday at the crack of dawn. Yep, dragged the kids out of the house by 6am sleepy eyed, pillow pets in hand and told them they were going to have fun playing at a gym. The kids loved it of course. They didn't care, they're used to it. I loved it too. I was able to do a flip off the high mat into the foam pit. Which by the way is no fun to get out of. It's huge and deep! It was like swimming in quick sand for christs sake. There were two ropes which I was able to get up with both hands and no feet. Not all the way up mind you but up none the less. We made up a few short wods, which killed my arms and shoulders for the next 3 days. Fun stuff.

Trying a new slow cooker pork recipe today from MDA. Pork, coconut milk, ginger, corriander, garlic, onions. I'll let you know how it is. It smells awesome and literally took 5 minutes to put together. Love when dinner is basically done at 9am.

Kids are in camp for the week, 3 hours a day of an empty house. What on earth will I do with my free time? N o t h i n g. Well, not nothing of course, but I won't have to make fog out of Legos, or draw zombies or listen to hours of Nickelodeon cartoons and Taylor Swift songs. It's the little things.

Workouts have been good. My shoulders are pretty f'd and my arms and upper body are really sore from the dips, pull ups, rope climbs, hand stands and rings practice, my calves are a bit tight from the sprints but other than that I feel great. Went for a 10 mile bike ride by myself yesterday and it was fabulous. I love the family bike rides but with my daughter, they are slow. It was nice to be able to push myself and not stop peddling... even up hill. Hopefully when we buy her a new bike for her birthday next month she'll be able to push it a little faster. Today's snatches were hard since my arms are sore. Couldn't quite get under the bar fast enough. Oh well. And to top it off the metcon was handstand shoulder touches and pull ups! Ugh. The handstand touches were out of the question, I got up, got one touch and that was it. Arms could not support me today. Had to modify and put my feet on the bench. I did however manage 2 rounds of 30 unbroken double unders though. Horray! Thats the most I've been able to do. Well, I did get 31 once before, but never 2 rounds. See what happens when you practice? Ok, forced to practice because I hate them and avoid them like beets. Blech hate beets.

Bob found an interesting article which I am going to post everywhere. I can't believe people would be forced to get their nutritional info from 'registered dieticians' that are funded by Coke and Kellogs. Really? They want to keep us FAT and UNHEALTHY! And I wouldn't be surprised to find they are also funded by big pharma too but I haven't dug that deep yet. For fuck sake when are people going to wake up.

Tuesday (7/24)
Outlaw Crossfit
15 minutes to establish a 1RM 3-Position Snatch (High-Hang, Hang, Full).
45(2) - 55(3)

12 minute AMRAP of:
30 Double-Unders
20 Shoulder Touches
10 Strict Pullups - blue band

5 rounds + 30 du + 17 shoulder touches

Monday (7/23)
10 mile bike ride - 38 min

Sunday (7/22)
Mudder Training @ gymnastics gym

gymnastics warmup:
forward rolls
bear crawls
toe and heel walks
yoga stretches

wod 1
3 rounds
10 pull ups
10 dips
10 parallette pass thrus
1 rope climb

wod 2
3 rounds
50# sand bag carry (approx 10-12 yards each way)
jump in foam pit
3 hurdles
jump in foam pit
20 jumping squats

wod 3
10x 10 yard sprints

cash out/practice
hand stand push ups
ring work
mat flips (approx 40-50 lbs)

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