Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Back squat 2rm pr

Ahh, where to begin. Saturday's wod was terrible. Not sure if the humidity had anything to do with it but it wasn't fun at all and it was a struggle to get thru. The stopping and holding the bar overhead for 30 seconds in the snatch grip position was tough on the already tired arms but my fear of the 20 burpee penalty on top of the 80 I already had to do kept me from dropping it. I was however able to manage a new PR on my 2rm back squat this weekend. 180. I haven't done 2rm in a while and can't remember what it was before but it sure wasn't 180. Amazing how the Outlaw program is tricking me into pr's. And it's funny how much easier it seems when you're not knowingly trying for a pr. The mental game is a tricky one.

The rest of Saturday turned out nice though. We took the kids to their first baseball game, a minor league team in NJ. We had great seats, 9 rows behind home plate, all the cousins were there and everyone was really well behaved. Most of the food was your typical ball park food with a few exceptions of a pulled pork and chicken cart and a fish taco stand, which was what I went for. Grilled mahi over brown rice, avocado, tomato salsa and pineapple. I was going to go for the pulled bbq pork but had a feeling the sauce would have been jarred and full of stuff I just can't eat anymore. My mahi salad was good although I think they put a light breading on the fish then blackened it. It wasn't much, but I tasted it immediately. Between that, the few pieces of chicken tenders my son didn't finish (I peeled as much of the breading off that I could) and the few sips of beer, my stomach was in for a wild ride that night. Ugh.

Not much else happening in the Chase household. Trying to keep the kids busy with play dates, park and library trips, sleepovers and VBS camp again this week. Luckily the preschool I'm trying to get Bud in the fall has camp this week and they said I was more than welcome to bring the kids over for the rest of this week and next. YAHOOO! More free hours for me and most of all fun activities for them.

A bit disappointed we can't make the 31 Heros challenge this weekend at our friends box. It's a 31 minute amrap of some pretty crushing moves including thrusters, rope climbs (I think) and running. Would have been nice to get involved but we're already scheduled this weekend with other stuff. Bob may still do it if he can find a partner.

No new recipes, been a bit uninspired as of late. Meat sauce over spaghetti squash, salmon last night, grilled chicken tonight, probably some form of pork tomorrow. Nothing post worthy as far as I'm concerned. Also been feeling a bit sluggish and lazy lately not sure if it's lack of calories, sleep, which has been lousy the past week or so, overtraining or just because my schedule with the kids has been crazy. I've been reading a lot again too. 3 books in 2 weeks. Can't help myself. I'm such a nerd when it comes to the vampire/witch/supernatural/thriller stories and I have a feeling that is working against me at night and keeping me up. Looks like it may be a Lunesta night if I don't get a chance to take a quick nap this afternoon.

Tuesday (7/31)
Outlaw Crossfit
15 minutes to establish a 1RM Hi-Hang (with hip) Snatch.
*10# increase from last time

3 rounds for time of:
5 KB Snatches Left Arm 24/16kg - 30# dumbbell
5 KB OH Walking Lunges 24/16kg
5 KB Snatches Right Arm 24/16kg
5 KB OH Walking Lunges 24/16kg
20 T2B
Run 200m

Sunday (7/29)
Outlaw Crossfit
15 minutes to establish a 2RM High-Bar Back Squat.
115-135-155-165-175-180# (new 2RM PR)

10 minute AMRAP of:
12 Pullups
12 Pistols
12 HR Pushups
4 rounds + 12 pull ups + 3 pistols

approx 50m tire drag

Saturday (7/28)
Outlaw Crossfit
12 minutes to establish a 3RM Behind the Neck Snatch Grip Push Press.
45 -55-60-65-70-75-75#
*too much dip per my coach, so corrected @ 75.

4 rounds for time of:
5 Power Snatches 115/75# - 55#
10 BB Step-ups 20″ 115/75# - 15”
20 Lateral Burpees
*Every 3 minutes beginning on the 3rd minute, no matter where the athlete is on the WOD, the BB must be held overhead (using a snatch grip) for 30 seconds. If the bar is dropped at any time during the 30 seconds, there is a 20 penalty Burpee to be performed after the WOD is complete.
19:58 (no burpee penalties)

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