Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Thrusters, double unders and burpees oh my

Another weekend flew by and a majority of it was spent in front of the computer or the tv watching The Games. Fabulous. I'm so impressed by the athletes. Not only can they move a tremendous amount of weight at amazing speed and form, but the passion, respect and commitment is astounding. I was really pulling for Clever at the end there and hoping she had enough to finish third but I guess it wasn't meant to be this year. 

Other than watching the Games, not much on the menu this weekend. Headed out to the shore for the day on Friday. The water was close to 80 degrees and finally warm enough for me to actually swim and ride some waves. The kids had a blast even though my son was afraid of the mini clams that would wash up and dig in the sand. He didn't like that at all and would not go near the water until the tide changed and started washing them out. Sigh. 

Nothing new to report on the food front. We did eat well of course but no new recipes in the mix this weekend. 

The past 4 wods I've done have been pretty hard but a good hard. Bob and I did our first team wod which looked terrible on paper but actually turned out rather well. We only both rested at the same time during the wall balls and that was because of me. 20# wall balls were a gasser and alternating wasn't easy. You think you get a rest but it's really only a split second. I have to say Bob and I make a pretty decent team. The Crossfit gods however were not with me today. Thrusters, double unders and burpees? Really? Really!? My only saving grace was the 1 minute rest between. That was clutch. Without that, I would have been a real effin mess. I did manage to get a new PR on my back squat today though. I'm pretty sure last time I attempted 185# I failed. Today, no problem. Strange considering I usually have a hard time after taking more than 3 days off strength stuff. 

Off to stuff my face with some eggs, turkey, spinach and salsa then in the pool with the kids. 

Tuesday (7/17)
Outlaw Crossfit
Back Squat: 1X3 @ 90%, 1X1 @ 100%, 1X1 @ 105%, 1X1 @ 110% 1X1 @ 105% – rest 3:00 between sets.
Based off 170.
1x3 @150, 1@170, 1@180, 1X185(PR), 1@180#

3 rounds for total reps of:
2 minute AMRAP of:

5 Squat Clean to Thrusters 135/95# - 75#
25 Double-Unders
*Rest 1 minute.

1 minute AMRAP of:
*Rest 1 minute.

1. 1 round + 2 thursters + 14 burpees
2. 1 round + 2 thursters + 14 burpees
3. 1 round + 1 thurster + 13 burpees
156 reps

Monday (7/16)
power clean - 55#
ring dips

*Compare to 112001:
45# hang power clean
chair dips - feet higher than seat

Sunday (7/15)
Outlaw Crossfit
15 minutes to establish a 2RM Snatch Balance.

4 rounds for total working time of:
Run 400m
20 Pullups - blue band
Rest 1:1 between each round.

Friday (7/13)
Outlaw Crossfit
“Team America”
*In teams of two complete:

100 KBS 24/16kg
50 Burpees
30 T2B
10 Snatches (any style) 155/105# - (Bob 115#, Karen 55#)
30 T2B
50 Burpees
100 Partner Wall Balls 20/14# - 20#
*notes: wall balls must be alternating. Partner throws, other partner catches then throws etc… All other can be broken however but done in order.

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