Thursday, February 16, 2012

Deadlift love

Finally back to liking deadlifts. During the 5-3-1 program I hated them. Not sure why that happened, but it did. With this program even though it's harder I like it more. Maybe it's the challenge of the high rep stuff or maybe I'm finally gaining some strength and they just don't feel as heavy. I'm of course hoping it's the latter. Time will tell. I was able to get 185 x 3 pretty easily today. Happiness.

Definitely had the energy to do a full wod along with the strength stuff, unfortunately not the time this morning. Not quite sure what the change is but I'm finally back to feeling good, positive, energetic, strong. Maybe all I really needed was to cut out bread and dairy. Hmpf.

So the verdict on the bacon wrapped chicken thighs, eh. Not a big fan of thighs to begin with but thought I would try something different. I guess if you have them and don't know what to do with them, it's a decent recipe. I liked the smokey seasoning, bacon and chicken combo, just not the work involved getting meat off the thigh. Too fatty as well. My solution would be to try boneless skinless breasts, pounded, rolled and wrapped. Maybe even fill them with blue cheese (if you do cheese) or some kind of veggie like a spinach, kale or mushroom.

*breakfast - beef w/mushroom and kale. lunch - ??. dinner - poached salmon w/lemon and capers, cucumber salad and ??.

45#good mornings
kb swings
split jerks

warm: 3x95, 125, 145
work: 3x165, 175, 185#

110# deadlift*

NFT but came in between 4-5 min

Used my high rep deads and threw in TTB to make a short wod. Short on time today.

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