Thursday, February 2, 2012

Up all night

No, not the show... which kinda stinks by the way, but I digress. Last night was the 4th night with very little sleep due to the hacking dry cough. I tried the honey thing, worked for a bit. Bob suggested I go to the docs but what is he going to say that I don't already know? Take Mucinex, check, sleep sitting up, check, take a cough syrup, drink plenty of fluids, check check. The only other thing he can do is give me a prescription cough syrup, which will have either codeine or tylenol and I can't take them. I think the most frustrating thing is I feel pretty good during the day, which means I want to workout. I know I probably shouldn't but I'm already feeling pretty low and working out makes me feel better even if it sucks to get thru. I actually feel like I accomplished something more than sitting on the couch feeling sorry for myself.

Down to 128 as of this afternoon. Had a few pretzel rods last night, (hungry since I was up til 1am again) but other than that I've been wheat/grain free. Feeling better but I'm going to test out the no grain thing a few more days to see if that was the real issue.

Deadlifts felt good today. I think my 3rm may be either 195 or 200 (I have to keep better records)... not even close yet, but doing 175 today felt a hell of a lot easier than my last strength session 2 months ago when I felt like it was glued to the ground. Even sick they felt decent. What does that tell you? High rep stuff beat me up though. Was feeling a little more winded than normal but got thru the 21-15-9 anyway. Time to up the weight next week. Eek. I'm pretty sure I did a metcon last year 21-15-9 @ bodyweight, but I may have been delirious. Maybe if I keep thinking hell, I can do 45 reps at 135, the weeks leading up should be a piece of cake. Or maybe I should just shut my mouth and not jinx myself.

*breakfast - eggs w/chicken, collards, salsa. snack - almonds, gluten free pretzels & hummus. dinner - grilled chicken breasts w/veggies

good mornings

warmup: 3x95, 115, 125#
work: 3x140, 155, 175#
high rep @105@ - 21-15-9

No WOD*notes - up all night again last night. tired. no metcon.

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