Thursday, February 9, 2012

I hate double unders

Today I was finally able to get thru a strength workout and a WOD. What a relief. Feel good, finally. Actually slept last night without drugs. Now if I can only get thru double unders without whipping myself. In todays wod I actually got thru the first round unscathed. 15,10,2,8. The next 2 rounds however were torture. 2,3,5,1,1... yadda yadda yadda. Think the longest I made was an 8. I suck. I just hate to practice them. Hate it. I know if I just practice I would get better. But they are so frustrating I hate to even think about them. I would rather do burpees than double unders. Yeah, I said it. Burpees. At least I don't get whip marks from burpees.

Jury is still out on the stomach thing. Yesterday I felt like crap most of the day either from the 3 chocolate cookies I had with wheat flour in them or the oatmeal. I can't believe 3 cookies would make me feel that bad and oatmeal is part of the 'possible' list and not really considered to affect people with gluten issues. All I know is I feel better when I don't have wheat. So, there it is.

MDA's article on honey. I always thought it was the better option as far as sweeteners but now at least I know for sure..... well, at least I think I do, his scientific explanations are a bit tedious and hard to understand but the general gist is good honey is better for you than any other sugary substance.

Rest Day
*breakfast - eggs w/chili. lunch - yogurt and banana. snack - popcorn, almond butter. dinner - marinated flat iron steak, chili pepper sweet pot wedges, sprouts

*breakfast - oatmeal w/coconut, walnuts, flax. lunch - eggs w/leftover steak, veggies. snack - almonds. dinner -  spicy shrimp and turkey sausage w/collards and onions. had a few cookies w/wheat flour, felt shitty, knee pain, cramp in instep during the night. not sure if the oatmeal or cookies bothered me. 

crawling push up (walk out with hands to plank, push up, walk back, no bending knees) don’t know what they’re really called
good mornings
kb swings
shoulder press

Back Squat
warmup: 3x85, 105, 120#
work: 3x130, 140, 150#

Recon Ron
Step 9/11: 5-4-3-3-3

*notes - squats felt good, ohs a little pain in the shoulder. pullups getting easier, tried both grips. 

*breakfast - eggs w/broccoli, chicken, pico. lunch - ??. dinner - turkey meatloaf, broccoli
good mornings
front squats
shoulder presses

warmup: 3x105, 125#
work: 3x145, 165, 180#

Three rounds for time of:
185 pound Deadlift, 10 reps - 110#
35 Double-unders or tuck jumps - double unders

Recon Ron
Step 9/12: 5-4-3-3-3

*notes - first round of double unders went well, last 2 not so much. deads felt fine. last round had to pause @ 5 for a few seconds. legs were weak for a bit from du's. back arched on last 2. counted my high rep deads in the wod itself. not sure if that was ok. 

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