Friday, February 3, 2012

Words cannot describe...or maybe they can

CrossFitters use a lot of different words to describe a wod. Rather, they're feeling about the wod afterwards. And there are many levels. For example a 'wow that was hard' could be associated with a sprint, deadlift, pull up workout. A 'man that sucked' could be any run, thruster, squat clean, box jump, double under workout. A 'that was fucken brutal' in my opinion would be any lady, hero, CrossFit games or Fight Gone Bad type wod. But a 'that was AWFUL' seems to sound worse than any of them and encompass all of the above. Not sure why some seem awful but my explanation can only be a wod that involves any more than 30 consecutive burpees. So when Bob finished his wod today and told me it was just awful I was a little scared. For him to use that, it must be well, awful. I'm scared because first off he's a killer and second I was planning on doing it tomorrow... if I can gasp for air without coughing up a lung that is.

I usually never think much about a wod before I'm going to do it. For me it's usually better to just look at it in the morning, take a moment to make sure I have what I need, make any weight adjustments and get it done. I've noticed since doing the strength training I have to actually look  at them to see if they work with my strength day. And when you really look at them, they are quite scary and tend to fall into the 'yuck, thats gonna suck' category. Tomorrow is my long metcon day and I should just do what tomorrows wod would be but since I've been sick and not doing metcons, I want to do something awful. I must be mental. What kind of person wants to end up a puddle of sweat, tears and possibly vomit after a workout? Oh right, CrossFitters.

*breakfast - oatmeal. lunch - eggs w/turkey and pico. dinner - tuna steaks w/avocado and orange salsa
Rest Day

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