Wednesday, June 13, 2012

blueberry pancakes

I had every intention of working out yesterday when I woke up but when I checked Outlaw's site, they hadn't posted a new wod for the day. I then checked BrandX but it it was basically what I did the day before, double unders and burpees and I didn't really want to do that again so I chalked it up to a rest day and made some coconut blueberry pancakes

Only hours later I noticed Outlaw did indeed post a new wod for the day. Bugger. Oh well, got to play some chess with the kids. Yes, they are learning to play chess thanks to the teaching chess set from pop pop. For some reason they really love it.  

Back to school for my diva today. Thank god. I love my kids but damn, all they do is fight when they are together for too long and 12 days was too long. 

Dinner last night was good, Asian Almond Chicken Salad. I think next time though I'll just tweak my old Cold Sesame Noodle recipe to make it paleo friendly. Same principles but with the addition of garlic and ginger and just serve it over some zucchini 'noodles'.... once I buy a decent julienne peeler that is.  

Finally ordered my 5lb bag of almond flour from Honeyville Farms. Can't wait until that gets here so I can start making some goodies again. 

Tonight I'm probably going with whatever is in the fridge. Probably some italian sausage, sauteed kale and mushrooms and either sweet potatoes or tomato cucumber salad. 

Off to eat... something and get some more yard work done. It never ends. 

Outlaw Crossfit
Back Squat: 8x75%, 5x85%, 3x90%, 3x95%, 3x95% - rest 2-3 min between

8x135, 5x155, 3x160, 3x170, 3x170#

4 rounds
20 C2B pull ups - blue band assist
20 front squats 95/65# - 65#
Rest 1 min


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  1. Damn!. My poached eggs and cabbage paled in comparison