Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Total

Friday brought the dreaded CrossFit Total where you find out if the last 6 months or so of wods and strength training is working or not. Happy to report my squat is up about 30#, deadlift I believe is up only 5# and press is up 6.5#. The toughest 6.5 EVER. I have been stuck at 80 pounds for a very long time but finally managed to eek it out the other day. Hopefully I'm over that mental hump and can start to increase a little faster. Overall not bad. Little disappointed in the DL but I was taxed by the time I got to 200 let alone pulling another 10 pounds. Oh well.

Saturday we had such beautiful weather so Bob and I took the kids out on the lake in the paddle boat (which was an exhausting mile or so). We were really looking forward to getting a row boat and actually rowing for real, or at the very least, a double person kayak but the boats only hold 3 and I was a little unsure of kayaking by myself with a child since I've never done it before. Didn't want little man to end up in the drink because I'm an idiot.

Finished the day off with a nice grilled salmon, mango and bell pepper salsa, sauteed red chard in coconut oil with garlic and roasted portobellos with garlic and onions. After dinner we popped on over to Rita's where Bob and the kids indulged in their sugary treats and I had the 'sugar free' cherry ice. Not sure if the 'cherry' flavor was responsible for my belly aching all night, but something was amiss.

Sunday morning I had a breakfast of coconut pancakes in ghee and pan seared sausage, did the "Nancy" wod (which I dislike) and now can enjoy some more lovely weather and gardening until the storms come in later.

“CrossFit Total”
1RM Back Squat - 180#
1RM Shoulder Press - 86.5#
1RM Deadlift - 205#

Total: 471.5
Compared to: May 2011 (430), Jan 2011 (370?)

5 rounds for time of:
400 meter run
65 pound Overhead squat, 15 reps - 55#
women 35-45#


Compare to: 110825
15:45 @45#
Compared to 101125(?)
20:12 @ 2/45#, 2/35#, 1/25# OHS

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