Monday, June 11, 2012

weekend update

9am - Kids fighting, pork ribs in the crock, house a mess, belly aching about the 63 burpees I have to do.... yep, just another Monday. 

Made some good dinners this past weekend including greek lamb tacos, filet topped with ghee, sauteed swiss chard and garlic and roasted carrots, tilapia with cucumber and tomato relish, grilled lemon and rosemary chicken with mashed sweet potatoes. Tonight is all about pulled pork and cole slaw. 

Saturday I was a little too hungover to do any sort of metcon that would kick my ass.. so that meant I did nothing but the normal baseball game, family bike ride and MWF3. I know, nerd. But, Sunday I made up for it. Good wod, good skill and practice stuff afterwards. Guess I felt like I had to make up for losing a day on Saturday and I also went too light on the bear complex. Didn't tax me like it should have. Noted for next time, up the weight a bit. 

OK - 11:00, wod done and I was right to belly ache about it. It sucked. Burpees and double unders? Come on. Mercifully I was able to string together the du's in 10's and 15's... once I hit 17! And I don't have any whip marks. Amazing what a little practice can do.

Outlaw Crossfit
15 minutes Tall Clean Practice (go to a 1RM if technique is sound).
16.5(5) - 35(5) - 45(6) - 55(5) - 65(3) - 75#(4)
3 rounds for time of:
7 Hang Squat Cleans @ 155/105# - 85#
21 Burpees
35 Double-Unders

Outlaw Crossfit
7 Bear Complex @ 135/95# - 55#
50 Double-Unders
5 Bear Complex @ 155/105# - 65#
50 Double-Unders
3 Bear Complex @ 185/120# - 75#
50 Double-Unders
12:20 (no burpee penalties)

*Clean, front squat (or squat clean), push press/jerk, back squat, behind the neck push press. No thrusters. Hands may not leave the bar, bar must come to a stop on the ground in control and move immediately to next rep. If hands come off, you drop bar or rest on ground, perform 10 burpee penalty immediately. Can rest with bar in rack position and hands may leave that position.

200m walk/jog
ohs - 45#
cleans - 45, 65#
high hang snatch - 45#
power snatch - 45#
hand stand holds
V ups
turkish getups

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