Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Can't stop talking about food

Looks like my two 54oz tubs of coconut oil will be delivered today. Yahoo! Next on the list to order from Amazon in big quantities, almond flour and ghee. I may try to make my own ghee this weekend since it's really not that difficult. Luckily our local grocery store always has KerryGold so I may just go that route if I have time.

So the paleo nuggets were a bust. Both kids cried and basically refused to eat them. My son gave in after about an hour of convincing, arguing, threatening... whatever you want to call it. I know, nice parenting. But hey, he tried it and now when it's on his plate he knows that it actually is chicken, just a different color and shape. My daughter on the other hand put it in her mouth and spit it back out. Sigh. Oh well. I'll keep trying, there has  to be something to this persistence thing.

Happy with my metcon today. First time in quite a while I didn't have to either sub, scale down or use assistance. Didn't do it as rx'd, but full pack is great for me. I don't really have to scale down weights that much anymore since they list a recommended women's weight, but 90% of the time I need to use assistance on the pull ups or sub for lack of equipment. My initial decision was to do all the pull ups unassisted even if it took me 15 minutes to get thru. Luckily Bob took the blue and green bands to work so I couldn't use them even if I wanted to. Back squats felt ok at 150. Next week I'll shoot for 160 then do a 1RM retest to see where I'm at after this SB round. My current is 170, I'm hoping for at least 180.

May try to make some egg frittata 'muffins' today. They would be great for the kids, and us, but it may be a way I can sneak more protein into my little guy without him knowing. They have a 'muffiny' texture to them since there is a bit of coconut flour so he may not shun them quite as much as the nuggets. Fingers crossed.

The Asian chicken salad was awesome last night. Bob and I used to make this cold sesame noodle dish all the time which was basically chicken and noodles in a spicy peanut butter, soy, ginger, garlic based sauce. Awesome, but very paleo unfriendly. The dressing nom nom uses is very similar to that so it was a big hit with us. Love it.

breakfast - oatmeal w/flax, coconut
lunch - 
dinner - garbage stir fry

one arm kb swings
ohs - stick
10 stair climbs
stretching/lacrosse ball

Back Squats
warm: 3x95, 3x115
work: 5x130, 5x140, 5x150#

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps of the triplet:
Box jump, 20-24 inch box - 22”


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