Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Seafood recipes

Didn't have much to report on the crossfit other than I can actually dead hang on my once bad shoulder. Yahoo! Only took a year. It's not 100% but it's a good 90. So instead I thought I'de share a decent shrimp recipe I made last night for those of you that can cook. It's quick and easy. And remember frozen shrimp is your friend. We always keep a bag of it in the freezer for last minute dinners.

In a cast iron pan I sauteed some sliced mushrooms in coconut oil until the liquid boiled off. Then added some proscuitto, broccoli and sliced green onions and cooked until the broccoli was bright green but not soggy and the proscuitto was a little crispy. I removed everything and added more coconut oil to the pan and the shrimp, which was seasoned in cumin, garlic, onion, red pepper flakes, ground ginger and salt and pepper. Cook the shrimp about 1-1:30 min on each side then add the veggies back in for a few seconds to reheat. Done. It was pretty good but wasn't very filling. If you're starving, I would suggest doing the cauliflower rice side or maybe exchanging the shrimp with sliced beef or chicken.

Tonight I'm making pan seared salmon with a lime, avocado, orange salsa. Not sure how I'm going to season the fish, but was thinking I may go honey/coconut aminos to compliment the tangy lime orange flavor from the salsa. Hope this turns out ok and the fish doesn't end up looking like it had already been eaten and spit back out. I know gross but sometimes it sticks and falls apart.

Back squats went well today. Got my 5@155. Legs felt good and squatted to the medicine ball to make sure I was getting down all the way but not too far to get stuck. Felt a little tweak in my lower left side at first.. think I may have done it yesterday when I was leaning over to pick up the 35lb dumbbell from the bench. Doesn't necessarily hurt, but I know it's there when I stretch. Taking two rest days tomorrow and Friday to heal up and get some food prep done.

Since we will be staying in a hotel Saturday night, I'm brining food with us instead of relying on the hotel breakfast...which is probably carbo loaded bagels, cereal and donuts. Tomorrow I'll make some egg 'muffins' and protein balls and get some oatmeal, almonds, larabars and jerky prepped and packed. Gotta have the right fuel. Don't want to end up hitting the vending machine for junk Saturday night. Hopefully we can find a good place for dinner that doesn't include covering every meat in either bread crumbs or a creamy sauce. mmmmm alfredo. That would probably kill me but it would taste so good.

breakfast - oatmeal
lunch - bacon and fried eggs
snack - larabar, almonds
dinner - pan seared salmon w/avocado orange salsa, sauteed collards w/onions

kb swings

Back Squats
warm: 3x95, 115
work: 3x135, 5x145, 5x155#

monkey bar practice
hand over hand across pull up bar 5x47”
dead hangs
one handed dead hangs
muscle up attempts (ha!)
ninja warrior fingertip grip practice (no other way to describe it) on kids’ swing set rails

Happy with shoulder performance. Can’t hang long on right arm alone, but much improved. There is still hope I can a least attempt the funky monkey bar obstacle.

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