Monday, April 2, 2012

Mudder training

Ugh. Did my first Mudder training run yesterday and I'm fried. I haven't run that far since.... errr, the last Mudder in November. Hips, knees, ass, arms... so sore today. But, I did well considering 10 miles is a long ass run for me. We did so much hill climbing this time which was brutal. Also found out that I can wall walk. Well, the modified version of it. We used the hand rails on one of the wheelchair ramps at a train station in the park to simulate something you only see on Ninja Warrior. Hands on one bar, feet across on the other and inch along sideways. Hard on the wrists but I was able to do about 10'. Considering I've never done that before, it was a win for me. I did wuss out on the water stuff though. Been there, cold, wet, muddy, got it. Last thing I need is to get sick 3 weeks before the race.

Overall it was a fun few hours and glad I got to torture the other members of my team by doing bear and alligator crawls, which they hated and cursed Bob's name since it was under his recommendation I make them do it. Snicker snicker.

Schedule is all f'd up since I took extra rest days but looking to catch up on my strength work tomorrow.

Friday & Saturday
Rest Days

breakfast - oatmeal
lunch - larabar, gatorade, turkey, almonds
dinner - baked ziti w/turkey meatballs

Mudder Training

10 mile trail run including
20-25 push ups
20 pull ups
hill sprints
large log shoulder carry w/partner
rock and mud hill climbs
tunnel crawls
bear crawls
alligator crawls
carry heavy ass rock uphill
fence/wall climbing
stair climbing
tree climbing

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