Friday, April 13, 2012

Happy friday

Decided to phone it in today and just use today's snatch wod as practice more or less. I think I actually did pretty well on them today. Stuck with 45# and felt like my form has definitely improved over the past few months. I don't practice them like I should but at least I'm not fanning the bar by not using the shrug like I used too. Didn't take long and didn't really tax me at all so I felt kinda guilty afterwards. I normally take a rest day on Fridays, which is usually needed after squats and deadlift strength days. Tomorrow will be a busy day with my son's little league parade and game then my daughter has a birthday time for a workout.

The spinach/mushroom/coconut milk mini sliders were AWESOME. Try them when you can. Also very yummy out of the fridge the next morning.

Have a good one.

breakfast/lunch - (after wod) leftover mini burgers, paleo crackers, larabar, banana
dinner - chicken tacos w/lettuce wrap, guacamole

kb swings
one arm kb swings
ohs - stick
jump rope
snatch - stick & 16# bar
stretching/baseball rolling

45# for all
notes - form felt good at 45 so stuck with it. took some video to watch, will show bob later for critique. much better than i used to be. back and legs are a little tired today from squats and deads. 

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