Monday, April 16, 2012

Keeping my fingers crossed

for good weather the next 2 weekends. We had mudder training yesterday morning and it was pretty decent at 7am and 60+ degrees. I didn't even wimp out on the creek crossing, well, I did when we supposed to go in again at the water fall. It's too deep and rough. No thank you. Overall it was perfect weather, just warm enough not to be shivering when you're wet but not hot enough to make you overheat and dehydrate. I'm hoping on the 29th mother nature will bring us at least 70 degrees... maybe I shouldn't jinx it by talking about it.

We didn't climb as many hills this time around so I'm not really sore today with the exception of my elbow pits... sorry, I'm no KStarr, don't know the technical name for those muscles. It may have been from the monkey bar practice on Saturday or just all the pull ups I did yesterday. Don't know but they hurt like a mother right now. Tough Mudder posted some new pics from the race this past weekend and I saw two interesting shots, one of someone using the super ninja fingertip hold on the wood rail of the monkey bar obstacle (instead of actually using the monkey bars since they're greased). Wouldn't have thought to do that... not that I could, but still. And two, a shot of about 100 rings hanging from some structure over water. Hmmm, I know Rogue is a big sponsor this time around, wondering if they influenced that one. My brain went into immediate overdrive, which made me practice hanging from the ring today with one arm while trying to swing to the other one. I made some pretty successful attempts but don't think I have enough strength to get more than 3. My shoulder has been feeling great lately but I'm still scared to hang and swing freely with that arm. It's probably more of a lack of confidence than anything. I'll give it a go if they do indeed have that obstacle just because, but I have a feeling it will be one swing and a miss then a huge splash. Hey, I'm a realist.

Food/energy wise, been feeling great. Saturday night was a bit iffy since I had real pasta, stomach did not like it one bit but I thought the extra carbs would help out the next morning for the run, which they did. Took one for the team there. Haven't had a bite of anything with wheat or dairy since and already feel so much better. I know, stop eating it then. I am unless it's completely unavoidable. Like when I'm in the mood for pizza. Sometimes I just can't help myself.

Rest Day
breakfast - oatmeal
lunch - ??
dinner - spaghetti w/sausage

breakfast - oatmeal
lunch - bacon and eggs
dinner - flank steak, ginger/garlic roasted carrots, salad
recipe note - I used melted pasture butter instead of evoo or coconut oil for the roasted carrots. would prefer the c oil but just don't have any at the moment. still waiting for my two 54oz tubs to be delivered from amazon. (which is a great deal by the way)

Mudder Training - 3 hours
6 miles with:
elevated push ups
bear crawls
alligator crawls
fence hops
hill runs/climbs
carry heavy log up hill
stair climbs
ramp walks (hands on one rail, feet bridged on other)
pull ups
balance beam walk
water stuff
drainage pipe crawl
carry heavy log down hill

breakfast - oatmeal w/coconut, flax, almonds
lunch - leftover flank steak, hummus, banana chips
dinner - pork tenderloin w/stir fried nappa cabbage, mushrooms & bacon and tomato basil salad

ohs - stick

Front Squats
warm: 3x95, 115#
work: 5x125, 130#
high rep back squats @95# (21-15-9)

swinging ring practice

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