Monday, April 23, 2012

Oh that doesn't look bad

is what I heard while signing up some people for Bob's 'fitness challenge' on Saturday. We volunteered at a benefit 5k race for a friend of ours who passed away last year and had a little Crossfit style challenge after the race. While signing them up I was thinking, oh just you wait. The wod was 6 rounds 10 push ups, 10 sit ups and a 72' bear crawl. No, it doesn't look bad on paper, but what do they know. Those of us that have done the bear crawls for mudder training knew. After the second round I heard a lot of whining and 'what do you mean I have to do this 6 times!' I think there were only about 6 or 7 of us that actually finished all 6 rounds but overall it was a good turnout and hopefully turned some people on to look into Crossfit. And for the record, I don't like bear crawls. And bear crawls into push ups are terrible.

Even though it was a beautiful day outside to attend an event like that, it was long. We were out the door with the kids at 4:30am, home around 12 then back to the normal Saturday craziness of baseball practice, random rope climbs and cleaning. Then that night Bob and I stayed up til 12:30am to watch the Jones/Evans fight... So needless to say Sunday turned out to be a rest day for me. I'll probably go light this week anyway with only 2 strength days, today's front squats and Wednesday's back squats. I'm skipping heavy deadlifts and only doing puppy scale metcons since the Mudder is on Sunday. DOMS is the last thing I need for the race. Not going to lie, starting to get a little pre race jitters, but I'll get over it.

And yay! I got my little guy to eat the egg 'muffin'. I guess because they look like corn muffins, who knows but he ate 3/4's of it without hesitation. At least he's eating something clean and getting protein. Definitely have to keep some of them in the fridge from now on.

Front squats felt really heavy today. Not sure if it was because my abs and back are a little sore or I just wasn't feelin it, but they were hard. Almost had to dump the second @145, got stuck in the hole for a split second but muscled thru it. Need to practice those squat holds I guess.

breakfast - bacon and eggs
lunch - hummus and crackers, turkey slice, almonds
dinner - grilled chicken, brussle sprouts w/apples and bacon, tomato salad

jump rope
ohs - 16# bar
good mornings
stretching/lacrosse ball

warm: 3x115, 135, 155
work: 5x165, 5x170, 3x175#
high rep @115 (21-15-9) F@16 finished 5-15-9

For time:
Run 400 meters
5 rounds of the couplet:
Handstand push-up, 7 reps - 20#db press
One legged squat, 7 reps - w/lawnmower assist
Run 400 meters


getting better w/one legged squats, still need to hold on for balance, but not pushing or pulling up with help. 

Rest day
breakfast - oatmeal 
lunch - ??
dinner - sausage, peppers and onions, salad w/toms, cucs

breakfast - oatmeal
lunch/snack - jerky, half soft pretzel, protein balls, cereal bar, hummus & crackers
dinner - turkey sliders w/sweet potato fries

6 rounds
10 hand release push ups
10 sit ups
72' bear crawl

NFT but around 9 min

Rest day
breakfast - bacon and eggs
lunch - nothing
dinner - leftover sliders w/roasted broccoli, proscuitto, balsamic 

breakfast - oatmeal w/bananas, coconut, flax, walnuts
lunch - 
dinner - strip steak w/roasted veggies

ohs - stick

Front Squats
warm: 3x95, 3x115#
work: 5x135, 3x140, 3x145#
high rep back squats @100 (20)

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