Tuesday, April 17, 2012

More food talk

With my new found energy thanks to cleaning up my diet a smidge more and my constant love of cooking, I've decided to make paleo nuggets and yet some more crackers. My son can't get off the chicken nugget train so my thought was just to do some research on how to make them paleo friendly. At the very least, I know it's good chicken and not loaded with wheat products and god knows what. We'll see what happens.

Fast forward 4 hours. Chicken nuggets are cooked and pretty damn tasty. Not too happy with the way the almond flour baked, seemed to be a little too crumbly and fell off in a few spots, but overall they came out ok. I'll have to try them again, maybe tweak something like coating the aluminum foil with coconut oil or butter so they crisp up a little better and don't stick. I'll let my daughter try them since she's a little more adventurous when it comes to new foods. My son will immediately shun them since they don't look like the frozen ones, but I may be able to fake him out by toasting them a bit in the toaster oven to get them crispy and golden brown.

This batch of crackers came out great. Rolled them a bit thinner and added 2 minutes to the cooking time. I also added a few shakes of shredded coconut. Barely detectable but you know it's there and it adds another layer of savory/sweet to them. Awesome with almond butter I might add.

Tonight we will be trying the Asian almond chicken salad. I'll have to use my rice vinegar instead of the coconut but it will still be a good clean salad. Coconut vinegar will warrant a trip to the health food store and I'm not making that trip until friday.

Last nights cabbage/bacon/mushroom side dish was a hit. I wasn't sure about cabbage since it brings back memories of the terribly smelly boiled ham and cabbage my grandmother used to make. Shudder. Just the thought of boiled meat makes my skin crawl. But, it was pretty damn good and will probably work it into the rotation for dinner.

If you haven't watched Anthony Bourdain's food/travel show, you must. As Bob would say it's like food porn. Last night was a bit on Kansas BBQ. OMFG. Everything looked delicious. Ribs, chicken, brisket... all charred to perfection. I may need to pick up some ribs this weekend. I'm salivating just thinking about it.

Rest Day
brunch - eggs w/leftover pork, collards and tomatoes
snack - crackers w/hummus
dinner - asian almond chicken salad

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